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Mary, Owner
Mary, OwnerQuest and Beyond Tours
Mary Ciku used to work in the corporate world. But once she understood her real potential, she decided to start her journey to financial well-being and jump into entrepreneurship. To be well-equipped for her journey, she’s also a Caytree Financial subscriber.
VincentDignitas Project
Vincent is an up and coming young professional rapidly progressing in his career. To make sure he achieves his goals, he’s tracking his finances on Caytree Financial so he can learn key insights about his habits.

Olive, Entrepreneur
Olive, EntrepreneurDora Accessories
Olive has a passion: crafting quality fashion accessories with an authentic African feel. She’s growing her business the old fashioned way, through hard work and perseverance. Along the way, Caytree Financial is helping her grow, personally and as an entrepreneur. 

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